A film podcast for fans of cinema and technology. Movies Unhacked examines movies and their depictions of technology. In each episode we analyze one movie and its technology. Roughly half the episode covers the movie’s acting, directing, writing, box office results, critical reactions, etc. and the other half dissecting the tech.

We explore everything from cyber thrillers, Hollywood blockbusters, and television shows to science fiction, horror, and classic cinema. We look at all manner of computers, science, and technology in film. Movie talk and tech talk in one handy podcast! Zoom in and enhance with Movies Unhacked!

The views and opinions expressed on this podcast and website are mine and the guest hosts’, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, The Walt Disney Company.

Twitter: @moviesunhacked
Facebook: facebook.com/moviesunhackd

Podcast Host
Scott Croco (@MrSmartyMan), 20-year professional software engineer, lifetime film fan

Guest Hosts

  • Mike Young, web developer and moderate fan of the arts
  • Matt Janulewicz, professional nerd for two decades, celluloid junkie for four
  • Jay Holavarri, mechanical engineer, unpublishable writer, raised on a drive-in movie theater
  • Mike Horne, real IT guy, fake The Edge, prefers TV
  • Dan Brooks (@dan_brooks), writer, Beatles fan, co-host of It Came From the Depths of Netflix
  • Christina Croco, student, athlete, Registered Veterinary Technician

Music by Sean Haeberman (@seanhaeberman, SoundCloud)

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