Christine (1983) / Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Christine / Maximum Overdrive

How great are Christine‘s characters? What genre of film is Maximum Overdrive? And what music video did Siskel and Ebert review in 1983? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Christine (1983) and Maximum Overdrive (1986) in this podcast episode.

When an unpopular teen gets a new car, things start to turn around for him. But his car has its own motivations. Keith Gordon stars in John Carpenter’s Christine (1983)!

When all the machines come to life, nobody is safe. It’s every person for themselves in a world gone crazy. Emilio Estevez stars in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive (1986)!

Episode Log:

  • December 1983 trivia (3:50)
  • July 1986 trivia (6:40)
  • Summary of Christine‘s story/plot (8:55)
  • Summary of Maximum Overdrive‘s story/plot (11:10)
  • Christine Movie Review (12:45)
  • Maximum Overdrive movie review (32:40)
  • The Christine car, 1958 Plymouth Fury (49:55)
  • Do-it-yourself garages (56:40)
  • Electric knife (1:03:55)
  • Christine‘s Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions (1:12:40)
  • Siskel and Ebert review a music video (1:15:20)
  • Maximum Overdrive‘s Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions (1:18:30)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (1:21:40)

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Episode 066 – Christine (1983) and Maximum Overdrive (1986) unhacked!
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