Unfriended (2015)


Are ghosts real? Why don’t we like the characters in this movie? And why doesn’t its revenge-story format work? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Unfriended (2015) in this podcast episode.

When friends get together on a video conference call, something – or someone – from their past creeps in and hunts them. It’s Unfriended (2015)!

Episode Log:

  • Summary of Unfriended‘s story/plot (1:40)
  • Unfriended movie review (3:45)
  • Are there any scary parts? (15:20)
  • Scott tells four computer ghost stories (17:05)
  • Why do people see ghosts? (25:35)
  • Analyzing the 4 ghost stories (31:35)
  • Budget, Box Office results, and critics’ reactions (34:40)
  • Mike takes Dan’s Horror Movie Test (37:20)

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Episode 026 – Unfriended (2015) unhacked!
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