Face/Off (1997)


Is it possible to perform a face transplant? Are John Travolta and Nicolas Cage good at impersonating each other? And how many John Woo trademarks are in this movie? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Christina Croco unhack Face/Off (1997) in this podcast episode.

When an FBI agent gets a chance to go undercover by physically transforming into his arch rival, he undergoes a face transplant, but then gets caught in a web of illusion and must find a way out! John Travolta and Nicolas Cage star in John Woo’s Face/Off (1997)!

Episode Log:

  • Travolta, Cage, and Woo – careers were surging (1:05)
  • Summary of Face/Off‘s story/plot (3:15)
  • Movie review (6:00)
  • John Woo’s trademarks readily apparent (12:00)
  • Magnetic boot lockdown prison (21:05)
  • Face transplant procedure (23:25)
  • Face transplant case studies (28:15)
  • The movie’s version of face transplant (34:45)
  • Budget, box office, and critics’ reactions (44:05)
  • Graphic details of face transplant case studies (47:40)
  • Scott’s “pop-tart incident” (51:10)
  • Continuing face transplant graphic details (52:10)

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Episode 035 – Face/Off (1997) unhacked!
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