I.T. (2016)


What 90s movies does I.T. resemble? Are there actually smart showerheads available? And how accurate is the tech-speak in this picture? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Matt Janulewicz unhack I.T. (2016) in this podcast episode.

When a creepy IT guy starts messing with a CEO, his business, and his family, the CEO must find a way to stop him. Pierce Brosnan stars in John Moore’s I.T. (2016)!

Episode Log:

  • Summary of I.T.‘s story/plot (0:55)
  • Movie review (3:15)
  • Pivotal scene when IT Guy meets the CEO (11:35)
  • The IT Guy is a total creep (18:20)
  • Similarities to 1990s films Cape Fear and Unlawful Entry (27:20)
  • Behind-the-scenes material on DVD (32:40)
  • Tech speak is so bad in this film (40:05)
  • Do the smart devices in this house actually exist? (50:10)
  • Brosnan’s character hires a “cleaner” (56:05)
  • Box Office results, critics’ reactions (1:00:40)

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Episode 037 – I.T. (2016) unhacked!
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