Re-Animator (1985)


Jeffrey Combs stars in Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1985)! We ask questions like: Can scientists today reanimate the dead? Is foreshadowing used effectively in this movie? And what are the best horror/comedy films of all time? Listen now to find out!

When a young scientist (Jeffrey Combs) creates a formula to revive the dead, unintended consequences result in a literal, and figurative, battle with the undead. A medical student (Bruce Abbott) must fight for his future, and his girlfriend (Barbara Crampton). In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Dan Brooks unhack Re-Animator (1985).

Episode Log:

  • Cast/crew trivia
  • October 1985 trivia
  • Summary of Re-Animator’s story/plot
  • Movie review
  • Real life brain dead patients who then wake up
  • Catalepsy, Hypothermia can make people seem to be dead
  • BioQuark Inc. – dabbling in tissue and brain re-animation
  • Budget & Box Office results
  • Critics’ reactions

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Episode 012 – Re-Animator (1985) unhacked!
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