Young Frankenstein (1974)

Young Frankenstein

Scary movie month is here and we ask what are the origins of this film? What is the current state of reanimation science? And what are our favorite character moments? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Young Frankenstein (1974) in this podcast episode.

When Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson inherits the family estate, he battles his own scientific beliefs in order to dabble in reanimating the dead. Gene Wilder stars in Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein (1974)!

Episode Log:

  • December 1974 trivia (2:00)
  • Summary of Young Frank’s story/plot (5:20)
  • Origins of Young Frankenstein (6:35)
  • Movie review (9:40)
  • Favorite character moments (13:15)
  • The B&W cinematography is great (31:00)
  • Reanimation of life (34:25)
  • Stethoscopes (43:10)
  • Frankenstein film canon (48:05)
  • Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions (51:30)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (54:05)

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Episode 047 – Young Frankenstein (1974) unhacked!
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