Three’s Company, “Mate for Each Other” (1982)

Three's Company

John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, and Priscilla Barnes star in Three’s Company, “Mate for each other” (1982). Learn the answers to: What is the history of computer matchmaking? Why was Scott once scared of this TV show? And, why are Scott and Mike discussing Rocky V again? Listen now to find out!

When Jack and Janet secretly sign up for a computer dating service, they get matched to one another and share an evening out. In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Three’s Company, “Mate for each other” (1982).

Episode Log:

  • Mike reviews Rocky V (1:20)
  • Three’s Company’s premise (4:30)
  • Summary of Mate for Each Other’s story (8:25)
  • John Ritter as Jack Tripper (11:00)
  • Janet and the third, rotating, roomate (16:50)
  • Priscilla Barnes’s career (19:30)
  • Larry Dallas (22:15)
  • The landlords – The Ropers and Mr. Furley (22:45)
  • General reaction to the episode (27:50)
  • Classic misunderstandings in this episode (30:00)
  • Reviewing the jokes and gags (31:35)
  • Scott’s theory for this episode’s place in the overall series (37:00)
  • Favorite episodes of Three’s Company (42:20)
  • Scott tells story of Three’s Company being scary (46:15)
  • Matchmaking in this episode (51:40)
  • Computer matchmaking / History of online dating (53:30)
  • Problems with online dating (1:01:20)
  • Ratings & awards (1:04:10)

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Episode 015 – Three’s Company, “Mate for Each Other” (1982) unhacked!
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