Paranoia (2013)


Liam Hemsworth stars in Robert Luketic’s Paranoia (2013)! Learn the answers to questions like: Does the narration work in this movie? Is 3DPS an actual thing? And, was Richard Dreyfuss’s character a good idea? Listen now to find out!

After a young tech go-getter (Liam Hemsworth) feels trapped by his employer (Gary Oldman), he agrees to engage in corporate espionage against a competitor (Harrison Ford). When he gets in over his head, falls in love with a co-worker (Amber Heard), and gets pursued by the FBI, he must find a way out of the sticky situation. In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Matt Janulewicz unhack Paranoia (2013).

Episode Log

  • Cast/crew trivia (1:35)
  • Matt’s Kick-Ass 2 thoughts (4:10)
  • Summary of Paranoia’s story (4:40)
  • General reaction (13:35)
  • Use of narration (17:15)
  • Richard Dreyfuss’s strange role (20:10)
  • Building security not exactly a crack squad (23:10)
  • 3DPS (3D Positioning System) analysis (27:10)
  • Amazon’s self-shopping store (30:00)
  • Budget / Box Office results (34:00)
  • Matt tries to guess top 5 mvoies of 2013 (35:15)
  • Critics’ reactions (38:40)

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Episode 016 – Paranoia (2013) unhacked!
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