Upgrade (2018)


Logan Marshall-Green stars in Leigh Whannell’s Upgrade (2018)! And we ask questions like: Is chemistry important between leads in a movie? Do muscles atrophy in the future? And what’s the latest news in police drones? Listen now to find out!

When a man becomes a quadriplegic, only a tech visionary with superior biotech can cure him and help him track down the thugs who ruined his life. In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Upgrade (2018).

Episode Log:

  • Theater experience (0:50)
  • General non-spoiler reaction to Upgrade (2:30)
  • Spoiler-filled summary of the film’s story/plot (4:50)
  • Spoiler-filled movie review (6:00)
  • Impossible physical feats (8:35)
  • Horror movie elements (10:40)
  • Tech guru visionary character (12:10)
  • Tech stuff seen in the film (13:15)
  • The movie’s ending (15:35)
  • Police drones in real life (18:55)

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Episode 017 – Upgrade (2018) unhacked!
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