RoboCop (1987)


Peter Weller stars in Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop (1987). Learn the answers to questions like: How great is the ED-209 boardroom scene? Do law enforcement cyborgs exist today? And, is Detroit known for innovation in their police department? Listen now to find out!

When a police officer (Peter Weller) is murdered in the line of duty, he gets an opportunity to avenge his own death as a cyborg law-enforcement officer. In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Jess McInerney unhack RoboCop (1987).

Episode Log:

  • Paul Verhoeven’s career (2:20)
  • Rob Bottin’s makeup effects (4:30)
  • July 1987 trivia (7:30)
  • Summary of RoboCop‘s story/plot (10:10)
  • Scott and Jess both recommend the movie (12:55)
  • Comedic violence, and ED-209 in the boardroom (16:50)
  • ED-209’s “glitch” consists of multiple bugs (19:45)
  • ED-209’s sound design (23:40)
  • Does RoboCop follow the 3 laws of robotics? (26:30)
  • Real-world law-enforcement robots (29:35)
  • A.I. in self-driving cars (34:00)
  • Detroit PD’s innovative tech history (40:20)
  • NWA’s run-in with Detroit police in 1989 (46:05)
  • Political satire and fake commercials (50:55)
  • What year is the setting? (53:05)
  • Box Office and Critics’ reactions (55:15)

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Episode 018 – RoboCop (1987) unhacked!
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