Timecop (1994)


In this podcast episode, learn the answers to questions like: How fast are Van Damme’s reflexes? How soon will we have autonomous vehicles? And does Timecop explain the Mandela effect? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Matt Janulewicz unhack Timecop (1994).

When a corrupt politician uses time travel for personal gain, it is up to a time-travelling cop to stop him and restore order to the timeline. Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in Peter Hyams’s Timecop (1994)!

Episode Log:

  • Trivia: Timecop and September 1994 (1:00)
  • Summary of movie’s story (4:35)
  • General thoughts (6:40)
  • Van Damme fights! In his apartment, and on Wall St. in 1929 (14:00)
  • Timecop’s time travel rules. (20:00)
  • Could this movie explain the Mandela effect? (27:35)
  • Autonomous vehicles and ethical A.I. (32:45)
  • Arizona woman killed by autonomous car (36:00)
  • Siri and cellphones (43:50)
  • Budget, box office, and critics’ reactions (46:15)

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Episode 024 – Timecop (1994) unhacked!
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