The Twilight Zone, “From Agnes – With Love” (1964)

Twilight Zone, From Agnes With Love

How realistic is the depiction of this computer in 1964? How funny is the comedy in this Twilight Zone episode? And what’s the deal with Baskin-Robbins? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco, Mike Young, and Matt Janulewicz unhack The Twilight Zone, “From Agnes – With Love” (1964) in this podcast episode.

When a computer goes on the Fritz, Elwood is called in to fix it. But is he working on the computer or is the computer working on him? Wally Cox stars in “From Agnes – With Love” (1964)!

Episode Log:

  • Brief Twilight Zone History (2:50)
  • February 1964 trivia (3:55)
  • Baskin-Robbins digression (4:40)
  • Summary of From Agnes, With Love’s story (8:30)
  • Comedic episode of TZ (12:20)
  • Characters: Millie, Agnes, Walter (16:50)
  • Computer switches, dials, voice control (24:30)
  • Musical sounds of the computer (25:55)
  • Set decoration (27:30)
  • Favorite TZ episodes (30:00)
  • Critics’ reactions (31:45)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (34:00)

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Episode 060 – The Twilight Zone, “From Agnes – With Love” (1964) unhacked!
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