Black Mirror, “Nosedive” (2016)

Black Mirror, Nosedive

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in Black Mirror, “Nosedive” (2016)! Learn the answers to questions like: How does China’s social credit system work? What are the best scenes in this episode? And what 1984 film made a big impact on Scott? Listen now to find out!

In a world where your social score determines your status in society, you either play along or suffer the consequences. In this podcast episode, Scott Croco and Mike Horne unhack the Black Mirror episode, “Nosedive” (2016).

Episode Log:

  • Summary of Nosedive’s story/plot (1:45)
  • General reactions to Nosedive (5:15)
  • Lots of phoniness and insecurity in the world of this episode (8:30)
  • Great episode but a few criticisms (18:20)
  • Wedding meltdown and final jail scenes (22:20)
  • How the social scores work in this episode (25:50)
  • China’s social credit system (28:45)
  • Black Mirror season 4 thoughts (42:10)
  • Scott tells about seeing Breakin’ in a movie theater in 1984 (46:15)

Episode 022 – Black Mirror, “Nosedive” (2016) unhacked!

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