Disclosure (1994)


Is this movie sexist? Is the VR shown in this film realistic? And does this movie hold up? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco, Christina Croco, and Jenny Belforte unhack Disclosure (1994) in this podcast episode.

When a Seattle tech manager gets entangled in a sexual harassment incident while trying to fix manufacturing problems that threaten an upcoming merger, he must prove his innocence and solve the puzzle in one fell swoop. Michael Douglas and Demi Moore star in Barry Levinson’s Disclosure (1994)!

Episode Log:

  • December 1994 trivia (1:30)
  • Summary of Disclosure‘s story (3:10)
  • Movie review (4:50)
  • Is the movie sexist? (12:50)
  • Donald Sutherland / Demi Moore / Michael Douglas (17:00)
  • Real-life dating – clueless men (23:05)
  • Barry Levinson / Score / Setting (27:25)
  • Seek times on CD-ROM drive (31:45)
  • The in-world email application (33:25)
  • “The Corridor” VR file browser (37:00)
  • Name that quote! (41:55)
  • Passes the Bechdel test? (44:40)
  • Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions (46:55)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (49:30)

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Episode 043 – Disclosure (1994) unhacked!
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