Swordfish (2001)


How many ridiculous scenes can one movie have? And is encryption unbreakable until you really really really need to break it, and then can you do it in about 60 seconds? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Mike Young unhack Swordfish (2001) in this podcast episode.

When a computer hacker gets drawn into a plot to rob a bank, he must find a way to accomplish the task without getting caught and while keeping his daughter safe. John Travolta, Don Cheadle, Halle Berry, and Hugh Jackman star in Dominic Sena’s Swordfish (2001)!

Episode Log:

  • June 2001 trivia (2:10)
  • Summary of Swordfish‘s story (3:25)
  • Movie review (4:40)
  • Ridiculous “hacking under pressure” scene (14:05)
  • A ridiculous falling-down-a-cliff scene (18:30)
  • And a ridiculous solo hacking scene (23:30)
  • Plus a ridiculous e-hijack plan (26:05)
  • Skycrane helicopter (35:15)
  • Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions, awards (43:25)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (47:45)

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Episode 044 – Swordfish (2001) unhacked!
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