Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard

Do we like this version of John McClane? Are the villains good at designing bomb triggers? And are the action scenes worthy of the Die Hard franchise? Listen now to find out! Scott Croco and Matt Janulewicz unhack Live Free or Die Hard (2007) in this podcast episode.

When domestic terrorists attack the country’s computer infrastructure, only John McClane and a talented hacker can stop them. Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant, and Maggie Q star in Live Free or Die Hard (2007)!

Episode Log:

  • The Die Hard franchise (1:10)
  • June 2007 trivia (8:45)
  • Summary of story/plot (11:40)
  • Movie Review (14:10)
  • John McClane, the character (17:30)
  • Other characters (23:00)
  • Action scenes (32:40)
  • Lockheed-Martin F-35 fighter jet (40:00)
  • Technology review (47:40)
  • Is the bad guys’ plan any good? (57:55)
  • Budget, Box Office, Critics’ reactions (1:11:50)
  • “Fiction or Fake?” game (1:15:20)

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Episode 054 – Live Free or Die Hard (2007) unhacked!
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Research Sources:
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Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning
Can the airbag of a parked car deploy if the car gets hit?

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